About Ginny Blakeslee Breen

Ginny is an award winning artist and has a Bachelor of Arts degree in Music from Los Angeles Baptist College, Los Angeles, CA. As much as she loves music, she says her true life’s work is painting, and she feels like the two disciplines are very closely intertwined. She states, “Much of what applied to my musical training also applies to art.” She works in oils, and watercolors.

She has lived in Hailey, Idaho since 1981 and loves living in the high desert mountains with her family. In the early 1980’s Ginny began her fine art journey when studying pottery at the Sun Valley Center for the Arts – Pottery Center, and fine art classes at the College of Southern Idaho with Lee Withers (1999), John Blackman, and Mike Youngman. She has also attended classes and workshops studying with great art teachers including: Norma Dennison, Richard Bird, Roy Mason, Carrie Stuart Parks, James Soares, Dwight Williams, Joyce Green, Kathleen Torgesen Murdock, Gloria Miller Allen, Maria Smith, and also with Claudette Bray of Springdale School of Art(2004-5). Ginny remarked, “To each of these fabulous artists-teachers, I am eternally grateful.”

Ginny receives many commissions and enjoys working with clients to create beautiful works of art. She is also an award-winning member of Idaho Watercolor Society.

She is a member of Idaho Artist – idahoartists.com and Owner of Ginny Blakeslee Breen Artist, online at http://ginnyblakesleebreen.com

She can be reached at GinnyBlakesleeBreen@gmail.com or 208.788.3569