“Delightfully Delicate”

“Delightfully Delicate”
Original Oil on gallery wrapped canvas
20″ X 60″  $2400 SOLD

When my friend, Cynthia, saw this painting, she said “it is so delicate”…. this inspired the name for this new painting.  We are all a little delicate right now.  Our planet is delicate.  In this time of uncertainty and great change, we all need to be “delicate” with each other.  Making sure we are not adding burdens, but that we will make the choice to be uplifting, and supportive. Shedding light where ever we can.

May the beauty of flowers be a constant reminder to us to bring beauty into our lives whenever, and however, possible.  Sending you love and grace from my studio to your heart and life.

Beauty, light, and blessings,


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