Ginny Blakeslee Breen

I am most fortunate to live in the beautiful, desert-mountains of Idaho with my wonderful husband of 33 plus years. I have a Bachelor of Arts degree in Music from Master’s University (FKA Los Angeles Baptist College, Los Angeles, CA) and I am also an award-winning artist and work in both oils and watercolor. Much of what applied to my formal musical training also applies to my art. And yet, all that being said, most of what I do is intuitive. I definitely have part of each painting planned and thought-out to some degree, but what happens on the canvas is many times surprising even to me. Most of what happens at the end of my brushes is inspirational led magic. I can’t really take credit for it at times. It is such a fun and freeing way to paint. My prayer is that my art brings joy and blessing to any passer-by. Peace to you.
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To inquire about, or purchase a painting please contact Ginny’s husband Michael at:

Phone: (208) 720-5041