Artist Statement: 

You always hear that life and art are a journey, and it really is true. One of my main lessons in life is to follow my instincts and listen to my guidance. One of my main prayers is “Show me.” Then I paint. I have followed my path and these big, bold flowers have literally “shown up.”
We all have many things to deal with in life, some of which are difficult, and we know scientifically now that all images and things have a frequency. So when we choose to have an image in our surroundings that is uplifting and powerful, we are creating an environment in our homes or offices that will heal and nurture us. I want my art images to be uplifting, beautiful, and powerful. I want each piece to be an image that “gives” you something wonderful when you see it (or even when just passing by). I love this planet and I love being here; I want the “flower” or fruit of my life to have a positive impact on our world and each heart.
Look for ways to build bridges.
Love one another and stay safe.

To inquire about, or purchase a painting please contact Ginny’s husband Michael at:

Phone: (208) 720-5041